5 Roofing Myths Debunked

5 Roofing Myths Debunked

When it comes to your roof, you probably have more questions than answers, and we know there are a few "facts" out there that are simply untrue. So we're here to debunk 5 common myths going around about roofing. 

#1- No Leaks, No Problems

It isn’t uncommon to assume your roof is in good condition if you haven’t seen water or discolored stains on your ceiling or walls, but this misconception can come at a cost. Leaks are tricky and don't always appear right away. Sometimes a leak happens gradually and shows up weeks after water has found a way in. Another tricky character of leaks, is that they don't always show up where they started. Water can travel along beams and appear in an entirely different area of your home or office, often causing damage along the way. By simply doing a yearly inspection of your home and roof, you can find a sneaky leak before it has time to create mold, mildew, ruined insulation and dry rot. 

#2- DIY, How Hard Can It Be? 

In the age of YouTube and Google, you can find a video on how to do just about any task yourself. Typically the thought is that you’ll save money and expedite results, which in some cases is in fact true, but re-roofing isn’t something that you should DIY unless you have knowledge on the topic and previous experience. Hiring a professional is the safest and smartest way to approach any re-roofing project. Safety issues and unforeseen obstacles will be addressed with ease when they're handled by an experieinced Roofer. If you do not have prior experience with roofing a home and choose to go it alone, you could find yourself in the precarious situation of having to pay double out of pocket to hire a roofer to fix the mess you’ve created. In an effort to save you time, money, headaches and hospital stays, it’s simply best to leave it to an expert the first time around.

#3- Inspections Are A Scam
There are some homeowners that don’t see the value in having their roof inspected annually. There’s a thought that Roofers use this as a ploy to bring in more money and there isn’t any real benefit to come from them, but this couldn’t be more of a farce. Roofers know that proactive maintenance saves you money in the long run. Yearly inspections and general maintenance costs are a fraction of the price that reactive repairs will run you and helps catch issues early, ensuring your roof remains in good condition throughout the extent of its lifespan, and even beyond that!

#4- My Roof Will Be More Secure if I Add Another Layer of Shingles     
This is truly one of the worst ones out there, and we've touched on it before. The misconception that adding layers of shingles over the existing layer will make the roof more secure, is just plain false and blatantly dangerous. Long story short, adding more layers of shingles does not make the roof more secure, in fact, it can be to the detriment of your homes structure. When you re-shingle, you lose the ability to see the underlaying decking and it's condition. You lose the opportunity to ensure that your roof isn’t suffering from dry rot, mold, or critter infestation and you add a tremendous amount of extra weight to your homes structure...this can spell disaster. If you’re considering doing this to save money, don't. A collapsed roof will cost you far more.

#5- All Materials and Roofers are Created Equal
This is a biggie. Many homeowners choose a roof bid because of the price, but that is such a risky choice. When you accept a low bid, chances are you’re going to receive a poorly installed roof with low quality materials. When your roof reaches the end of it’s lifespan or is in need of repairs, make sure to research a company or the contractor before you invite them on your roof. Is the company or contractor insured, licensed and bonded? Do they have a good reputation? How much experience does the contractor and crew have? What roofing materials do they use? The bottom line here is ask questions, lots of questions that will help weed out the scammers. Also, you should receive a written estimate with the roofers plan for your home, do not accept a verbal bid. Your estiamte should list the materials the roofer will use along with a formal contract for you to authorize the work. Knowing the process and asking questions can help narrow down the long list of roofers in your area. Weeding out the scammers is in your best interest. You get what you pay for, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.    

Here at C & J Roofing Co., Inc. we're passionate about being transparent about the roofing process. After 35 years, we've got it down to a science and provide each and every home and business owner with a proper estimate that includes a formal itemized estimate of the work to be done, the materials we will use, and a contract to authorize the work and get you on schedule. Nothing is hidden from you, it's just good ol' fashioned quality work matched with superior materials, so if you're in the market for a beautiful, water-tight roof, then you've come to the right place! Give us a call at (650) 583-5998 or request a quote above and trust us with your roof, you wont regret it!