Animal Damage & Your Roof

Animal Damage & Your Roof

Cold weather is on it’s way, and animals are going to begin searching for a warm place to call home while Winter rages. 

Your roof is going to look like a welcoming place to critters, which can cost you a pretty penny in animal removal and roof repair costs. It is key to address repairs before Winters arrival.

These adorable masked fiends are expert diggers and urban dwellers. They are capable of tearing holes into your roof in an effort to gain access inside, and they make resize 66 3themselves at home rather quickly. They rarely live alone and are sure to bring their family with them, making removal tricky. These animals are incredibly territorial and protective of their babies. Once inside your attic, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll attempt to enter into your homes living spaces…looking for the kitchen. Bottom line, if you live in a area where Raccoons are a common inhabitant…be vigilant in your efforts to thwart them getting comfy on your roof, they aren’t the easiest of critters to deter.

Roof Rats
More than any other animal threat you roof will face, Rats take the cake. These crafty critters are incredibly resize 70 3intelligent and are masters at infiltrating and inhabiting your home. Once inside, Rats get to work making your home theirs. They’re known to chew through wires, walls, pipes, and insulation causing chaos in your home. These vermin bring with them diseases, littering their filth throughout your home, creating a health risk and they breed and at alarming rate. They’re able to enter your home from low hanging tree branches / vines, power lines and brick chimneys / siding. If you suspect roof rats, call an exterminator immediately and have your roof inspected for signs of rat damage. If any damage has been caused, repair it promptly.

We’ve touched on this subject before in a previous post. Birds wreak havoc on your roofing system. Their beaks, acidic droppings and environmental protections make resize 73 3them particularly harmful to your roof and are incredibly difficult to deter. Luckily there are numerous deterrents on the market and if you can nail down what kind of bird you’re trying to get rid of, you'll be able to decipher wether the species is protected or not. No matter the bird, you have to stay vigilant…many birds return annually to the same locations.

With sharp teeth and claws, these cute little rascals are sure to lose their charm when you find they've been chewing into your roof and underlayment. They can chew right through the roof and let themselves into your attic. They create all the same issues as other pests, chewed up wires, insulation destruction, interior damage and exposure to disease, not to mention difficulty removing them and the costly remediation once they're eradicated. They can access your roof same as the others, low hanging brances, telephone wires etc. Annual resize 14 3roof inspections are key in making sure squirrels and the other named critters, haven't torn up your roof. 

Other Pesky Roof Infiltrators
Bats, Opossums and insects like Bees and Wasps can also make themselves at home in your attic, once they've infiltrated your roof. The good news is that all of these little pests can be removed safely without threat to your family. Just give a wildlife professional or bug exterminator a call at the first signs of intrusion and begin the removal resize 71 3process and stay vigilant in deterring critters, do a little homework on the bugger you're dealing with and stay a step ahead.

If your roof has become an entryway for critters or insects, is in disrepair, or hasn’t been properly maintained, it’s time to call the professionals at C & J Roofing Co., Inc. With 35+ years of roofing knowledge, we know the telltale signs of critter damage and the proper way to repair it so your home isn’t threatened by other critters or water during the blustery winter months. Give us a call at (650) 583-5998 or request a quote above.