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Breathing Life into Your Home : Ventilation and Your Roof

By now you're probably aware of roof vents, some you can see on top of the roof spinning, some are more discreet, designed to look like part of the roof, but what you probably don't think when you see them, is their importance to the home below. 

Benefits of Ventilation
While commonly underestimated, the importance of a proper roofing ventilation system is irrefutable. Proper intake of air allows a home to “breath” alleviating a plethora of issues for your home and roofing system. A quality roof ventilation system is fundamental to any home, while a poorly installed or inadequate ventilation system can lead to voided warranties, high energy bills, damaged roof components, and costly repairs. 


Energy Efficiency & Climate Control 
Proper roof vents increase your home’s energy efficiency, lowering your carbon footprint, while helping to extend the quality and lifespan of your roof. One example of the resize 21 2problems that a lack of attic ventilation can create is a "super" heated attic. Lack of air circulation traps the existing air inside, add the heat of the sun and you've got yourself an oven. With no way to escape outward, the heat forces itself out through the floor of your attic. This warms the rooms throughout your home, leading to higher energy bills as you crank up the AC to lower the temperature of your home. 


Effects on Roofing Components
Another issue with the fact that your attic is becoming "super" heated is the effect it has on the lifespan of the shingles. The heat from your attic won’t just be transferred into your living space; but back into the roof components themselves which can warp the underlayment, and fry the shingles, decreasing their effectiveness and shortening it's total lifespan.


Structural Damages
The heat transferred from an over-heated attic can create a domino effect, negatively effecting more than your roofing materials and energy bills. This constant heat emittance can warp the wood framing of your attic, which in turn can warp the walls, doors and window frames, eventually causing the paint or wallpaper to blister. 


If you believe your home is suffering from inadequate ventilation, give us a call! We can properly outfit your home with the best ventilation options for your home that will keep “breathing” life into your home for years to come, simply give us a call at (650) 583-5998 or request a quote above!