Cupolas: Architectural Flourishes

Cupolas: Architectural Flourishes

Whether you are looking to add light and ventilate to your home, or looking to beautify your roofline, a cupola is sure to enhance your homes aesthetics. 

What is a Cupola?
A Cupola is a structure that sits atop another structure and allows for light and ventilation into attic spaces. They’ve adorned the tops of cathedrals, castles and homes for centuries, some sit atop residential homes, but the most ostentatious example of these lovely adornments are religious structures, that are large enough to stand in and look out upon gorgeous views of the city. These resize 79 structures come in an array of shapes and sizes and can be a subtle or elaborate feature. The cap of a cupola can be square, hexagonal, octagonal or bell-shaped. These options broaden its ability to complement your home. 

What's Their Purpose?
Some are simple and sit atop barns to allow ventilation into haylofts, ensuring they stay dry and aerated. Their resize 80ability to help expel damp, moisture laden air outside, ensures your attic stays dry, preventing rotting wood and mildew growth. They also aide in controlling the temperature of your home, keeping your use of the heating / air conditioning system use to a minimum or helping it to work more efficiently.

What Style Should I Choose?
Some cupolas have louvered vents which are slats that allow air in without allowing rain or the elements to enter, some have windows that can be opened and shut to the users resize 82liking, some are embellished with colored stationary glass. They come in an array of colors and materials and depending on where you purchase them, are customizable, created to suit your homes architecture to enhance the home even more. 

Regardless of where they are, one thing is for sure they are an outstanding feature that will boost the structures curb appeal and set it apart from the rest.