Decking Your Halls Safely This Holiday Season

Decking Your Halls Safely This Holiday Season

This time of the year is magical for so many reasons. The weather gets cooler, the rain and snow set the tone for hot drinks and cozy fire-lit settings and best yet, houses twinkle with colorful lights and decorations that dazzle as you pass them! 

Before you go lighting a landing strip for Santa, it’s best to make sure you’ve got all your decorating ducks in a row, because you can’t just go nailing and stapling into the roof area all willy nilly! Even the smallest puncture can cause big problems when winter weather rears it’s ugly head. Below are a few tips to make your decorating safe and fun, without compromising your roofs integrity this holiday season.

Prepare for the task
First things first, bring out all your decor and make sure it’s in working order. Untangle lights, plug them in and discard them if they don’t all light up. It goes without saying that it is imperative that they be outdoor lights as indoor will not be suitable to stand up to the inclement weather of Winter. Check the condition of your extension cords and outlets and be sure they are also in a suitable area that won’t be affected by water. It’s also not a bad idea to wear a tool belt with all the tools you intend on using. This will limit your need to look around for your tools, and decrease the chance of slipping on one! resize 85

Work with the Daylight
This one is pretty self explanatory; however, starting early is in your best interest. When the sun begins to set, you should be packing things away, not trying to push it. Anything you don’t finish is better left for the next day. Safety first! 

Avoid nailing / stapling
Instead use clips specially designed to adhere to the roof eaves. There are also metal options that adhere to gutters! Even the smallest of punctures can mean water intrusion and expensive damages down the line. If you’re going to hang lights on the gutter, remove all dried leaves and debris first, as this could become a fire hazard.

Always make sure to have a friend help 
Being on a ladder is dangerous and one of the leading causes of accidents during the winter season. Make sure to wear rubber soled shoes to provide extra grip, make sure the feet of the ladder resize 86 3are firmly set on solid, level ground and that it is tall enough for the task at hand. NEVER stand on the top of the ladder and never get on one without a partner below to help stabilize it. Having a partner saves lives, don’t decorate alone.

Teamwork makes the dream work
While on the ladder, utilize your partner and have them hand you things from the ground to avoid going up and down numerous times, enhancing the chances of falling. As they say, Many hands make light work!  

Turn em’ off or grab a timer
Leaving your lights on all night poses a serious threat of lights overheating and cords shorting out. Putting your lights on a timer will ensure your lights shine for only a scheduled period of time. That or simply turn them off before you head to bed. 

Safely removing your decor
When removing your lights and decorations, be sure to remove them as carefully as you put them up. Don’t to pull, tug or yank them down, as this can cause damage to your gutters, eves and fascia boards. Just like with the roofing, even a small amount of damage can mean big problems and can even cause an aesthetically displeasing look to your home. Make sure to gently remove all the clips and hand the lights and decorations down to the buddy who helped you put them up! 

If any damage should occur, be sure to call a reputable roofer, like C & J Roofing Company Inc. to come out and assess the damage and see that it is properly fixed by a professional to avoid further damages.

From all of us here at C & J Roofing Co., Inc. We wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season!