Decorating your Roof Safely for Halloween

Decorating your Roof Safely for Halloween

All Hollows Eve is right around the corner, and many homeowners love getting into the spirit by decorating their homes with creepy decor. Taking proper precautions will ensure the integrity of your roof, home, and safety while spooking passersby. 

Adorning the front stoop and yard is the most common form of decoration on this holiday, but some homeowners love going over the top, really get into the spirit, decorating their home from top to bottom. Before you decorate your roof; however, it is important to make sure the roof is structurally sound and in good condition. 

Structural Integrity
Each and every roofing system varies, and each one puts different weight stress on the building beneath the roof. Some roofing systems like a single-ply roof, are resize 28 6lightweight and don’t add a tremendous amount of stress to the buildings structure. Regardless of the type of roof covering your home, it will have weight limitations, so it's highly important to understand your homes structural limits so you don’t risk damage or collapse. 

Safety First
Roofs are rarely a regular place to find yourself, most of us rarely even pay attention to the roofs of homes, but if you’re planning to go all out and decorate your home, you’ll likely be getting up close or on top of your roof. It resize 10 6cannot be stressed enough that a fall from a roof can result in serious bodily injury and even death. No one would want to spend the holiday in a hospital or worse, so practicing safety while decorating is incredibly important. If you aren't knowledgable in roof safety precautions, we suggest calling in a professional, if you have been on a roof before, make sure you recruit a partner to aide you in your decorating. Having a spotter saves lives. A partner can help with ladder stability, and offers a second perspective to help spot potential hazards. Should injury occur, having another person on site gives you the best chance of getting help quickly. Bottom line, be cognizant and don’t decorate alone. Many hands make light work, and you're going to maximize your creative potential!

Electrical Hazards
You’re definitely going to want to light your home up with ghoulish colors, but before you go hanging them, be sure to check that they’re in proper working condition. Look for frayed wires, that the plugs aren't damaged and that the entire strand lights up. Always resize 24make sure you’re using outdoor lights, and be sure to protect the electrical plugs and extension cords from water.

Use Clips, Not Nails!
Another important factor to remember when decorating your home is to not make holes in the roofing materials or your homes siding and eaves. When hanging lights and decor, it seems like putting a nail for support is the resize 29 6obvious way to go about decorating, but this is a seriously detrimental way to go about hanging objects and lights. The smallest nail hole will allow water to seep into your home, leading to costly interior water damage and roof deterioration. Today there are clips made for just this purpose, and they’re far more affordable than new siding, mold remediation or a new roof. These preventative measures will ensure you can decorate the right way, year after year. 

This time of year is one of joy and celebration for many all around the globe. Taking time to decorate safely will ensure your holiday season goes off without a hitch.