Ladder Safety While Decking Your Halls

Ladder Safety While Decking Your Halls

Once Thanksgiving passes, it’s time to start that fun joyous tradition of decorating your home for Christmas. Adorning our homes with hanging lights and decorations for all to see, we beam with pride as peoples faces light up when passing by, admiring the hard work put in. 

Since it’s something that you’ll likely do each and every year, it’s critical that you learn and adhere to proper ladder safety procedures while decorating. Ladders and Roofs are no place to be relaxed about your behavior. The utmost of care needs to be taken to ensure you don’t end up sustaining an injury, or worse. To help you along, we’ve put together a list of 6 steps to take to ensure you avoid accidents and keep your decorating going smoothly.

Select the appropriate ladder size for the job. resize 89 3
If the only way you can get to your gutter to hang lights, is to step on the top step of the ladder, then you’ll simply need to buy a longer one. Standing on the top 2 steps of a ladder is extremely dangerous and can cause it to become unstable. One wrong move and you could be in a world of hurt. The ladder should extend at least three feet above the roofs eaves, making the task of hanging a breeze. 

Inspect your ladder. 
Before using your ladder, make sure it’s in good working order. If you store your ladder in a shed or outside, make sure you double-check it’s not damaged in any way. Check that the feet, steps and all working parts of the ladder are functioning properly and free of rust, cracks or damage. Never use a ladder that is worn or damaged. If the state of your ladder is questionable, buy a new one. It s sure to be cheaper than high medical bills. 

Check the weather report. 
No matter what day you decide to put up your decorations, it’s important to pay attention to your local weather forecast. High winds and drizzle can cause you to lose your balance or slip. Make sure you pick a dry day with little to no wind. 

Many hands make light work
Another option to help expedite the task of decorating, is to ask a friend with ladder safety experience to help you in your ladder safety decorating 225x300decorating ventures. Incorporating a partner to help stabilize the ladder and aide in handing you tools and decorations from the ground is not only going to help you move through decorating faster, but in the unfortunate instance that you should have an accident, having someone else there can help get you to the ER and in more severe scenarios, save a life. It is very important that you never decorate your roof alone, besides, who wants to do all that cheery decorating alone anyway?! 

Don’t push it. 
Stretching or reaching while on a ladder can lead to injury. Over-stretching on a ladder could cause it to kick out from under you and leave you hanging on the gutter. Don't forget what happened to Clark Griswold! Stretch before you head up the ladder, not while you’re on it.

Think before you move. 
Before making your next move on the roof, think about where you’re going and make a plan for your movements. Step and move slowly. Sudden jerks can cause you to over-correct and lose balance. It's also a good idea to set aside plenty of time for your decorating project so you’re able to take your time while moving along the roof.

Each and every year, hundreds of people are admitted to hospitals with injuries resize 91ranging from minor to severe in relation to ladder accidents and roof falls. Let us make this perfectly clear, if you have not ever been on a ladder before, don’t go it alone! It’s critical that you do a little homework on ladder safety before you set up and climb a ladder, especially to roof height.

Deck your halls safely, this year & every year, and Happy Holidays from ours to yours!