Leader Heads: The Cherry on Top of any Great Drainage System

Leader Heads: The Cherry on Top of any Great Drainage System

A leader head is an enlargement, catch basin, or box at the top of a downspout that helps carry water away from the roof, with style! 

A Brief History 
Did you know that the elaborate stone gargoyles that watch over historic old buildings were originally used as leader heads? These decorative flourishes were used to collect ezgif.com resize 93water from the roof and then spit it out over and away from the sides of the building. This would help keep the mortar in tact, alleviating erosion caused by water running down the building. Cool, Right?! Todays leader heads aren’t quite as ostentatious as the gargoyles past, but they still add a decorative flair while creating better roof drainage.

What is Their Purpose?
Leader Heads capture water run-off from gutters and then funnel that water into the downspouts that direct the water to the ground. When placed at the end of a valley, the extra width of the leader head will allow much more  water to pass through than with a typical gutter. When used on a flat roof, they collect water that passes through a parapet wall by way of scupper. They also may be used where two downspouts converge into one. Many custom homes use them at the top of the gutter to enhance the homes beauty and curb appeal. ezgif.com resize 94 2

Known by Many Names
Leader heads go by a number of names including: collector boxes, conductor heads, scupper boxes, rainwater heads, collector heads, and rain collectors. Confusing as it may seem, they all mean the same thing and you will receive the same product no matter what you call them.

Do I Need Them?
These adornments are typically more of an aesthetic feature than a necessity, so the answer would be no, you don't need them for your drainage system to be complete. Your home will benefit from any common gutter system, like seamless gutters, without the need for leader heads.  

If you're interested in adding leader heads to your gutter and downspout system, you're in luck. They're quite easy to install and the experts her at C & J Roofing Co., Inc. have over 30 years of experience installing them. If you're interested in the aesthetic benefits of these diverse products, give us a call or request a quote today!