Leaf Relief: Pros & Cons of Gutter Leaf Guards

Leaf Relief: Pros & Cons of Gutter Leaf Guards

Every year we receive calls from homeowners with roof leaks caused by faulty or clogged drainage systems. When your drainage system becomes clogged with debris and can no longer do what it is intended to do, you’re in for a homeowner headache. 

By keeping your drainage system cleared, rainfall will drain away from your home with ease. 

Clear Gutters = Happy Homeowners
One way to ensure debris & critters can’t settle in your drainage system, is by having a leaf / gutter guard installed. These are precisely what they sound like, gutter covers that "guard" the box ezgif.com resize 90 2from leaf, animal and debris infiltration. Some homeowners have to clean their gutters more than once a year due to constantly falling tree debris and nesting critters, but the reality is that the more you have to climb a ladder, the more chances there are that you could have a fall. These gutter covers make routine gutter maintenance a breeze, and reduce the amount of time you have to spend on a ladder clearing out yucky gutters. 

Pros Vs Cons
There are many gutter / leaf guard options on the market today. There are some made of metal, plastic & metal mesh for starters. Not every homeowner has been happy with their leaf guard system and others love theirs. And while this is the nature of all products, of all kinds, the right leaf guard system can be a substantial asset to a homeowner who has a hard ezgif.com resize 65 3time keeping their gutters clear due to many trees on the property. Some complaints are that certain gutter guards can stillbecome logged with debris like seed pods, which can cause the system to not be effective, but with so many options on the market now, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a system that will work best for your home. Say you have deciduous trees in your yard, along with their leaves, they drop seed pods and other debris that can become lodged in or fall through the grates each autumn. That can amount to a lot of tree shedding each year. Thanks to innovative Roofers, there is now a solution to this problem. There are thin metal mesh options out there that cover the box to allow water in, but has holes too small for seed pods to fall through. This helps to eliminate both issues. There are also options that blend seamlessly with your shingles, making them discreet and aesthetically pleasing. Whatever your flavor, your Roofer should be able to give you more information on what other homeowners in your area are using.

While the guards do a great job reducing the amount of debris that can fall into the gutter, it won’t eliminate ALL the yearly debris that accumulates, so you will still need to clean your gutters at least once, but be sure to always continue checking them at least twice a year. Cleaning is relatively easy, many, like the mesh, typically flip up to ensure you can clear out the grates and the gutter boxes with ease. You’re sure to spend less time maintaining your gutters now than when you were scooping debris out of the box by hand. This leads to less time on a ladder, less chances of a fall and more time relaxing. Another option is to call in a professional gutter cleaning service to handle the job for you, this completely removes the chore from your list of things to get done while you’re busy tending to other tasks around the house. This will always be less expensive than a trip to the E.R!