New Year, New Roof: Ringing in Peace of Mind

New Year, New Roof: Ringing in Peace of Mind

Is 2020 ‘The Year of the New Roof’ for your home? Whether your home is due for a new roof or routine maintenance, now’s the perfect time to make some ‘New Year’s Roof Resolutions’ to get your roof back up to snuff. 

Maybe know your roof is in need of replacement, or maybe you aren’t sure of it’s current condition. Whether you know the age of your roof and realize it’s reached the end of it’s lifespan or have seen the dreaded signs of roof failure, it’s essential to be informed of your roofs condition and act quickly when it begins to show the inevitable signs of wear. By staying on top of your roofs needs and getting a new roof when needed, you'll avoid sky-high reactive repair costs and clinch peace of mind going into the new year.

Dont Procrastinate
Let’s say you’re aware you need a new roof or repairs and you’re putting it on the back burner. Perhaps cost has you feeling like you cannot afford the work right now. Ask yourself, can you afford the cost of emergency repairs or water and mold remediation? When you put off replacing or repairing your roof, you welcome all kinds of possible issues. The reality is, reactive repairs are crazy expensive and those repairs will only be band aid solutions to get you by until the roof can be replaced. Bottom line, if you know your roof needs replacing, don’t wait. Look for financing options, insurance coverage or companies that offer payment options, and get the work taken care of.

Routine Maintenance 
What if you just had your roof replaced in the last few years, but recently noticed a leak? Depending on the cause of the issue, repairs and general maintenance will likely be the perfect solution for your roof. By acting promptly, your roof will easily provide another 10+ years of faithful service and regular routine maintenance can extend the life of your roof exponentially.

Envy of the Neighborhood
There is more than just security that comes with having a new roof installed, the curb appeal of your home will benefit as well! Unquestionably, a new roof improves the aesthetic of your home, and with the various color and material options now available, you can completely change the look of your home!

New Year, Turned Leaves
If you’re planing to sell your home and turn over a new leaf, a new roof can help boost your sellers rate and in many cases be the deciding factor for a buyer. In the cutthroat world of the Real Estate market, you'll need your home to stand out from the rest. Your upgraded roof can be what makes your home stand out!

With Spring on the horizon, now is the perfect time to begin making arrangements for your new roof or annual post - winter roof maintenance. Spring is the perfect time for new installations or for permanent repairs.
If you’re ready to update your out-of-date roof, give the professionals at C & J Roofing Co., Inc. a ring and get the wheels turning and by this time next Winter, you’ll have one less thing to stress about!