8 ways to prepare for your residential roof replacement

8 ways to prepare for your residential roof replacement

Roof replacement is a messy, noisy process that can take days to complete, here are 8 ways to prepare your home and family for construction. 

Park Your Car(s) in the Street ezgif.com resize 3 3
Contractors will be going back and forth from your home and will need quick access to tools and materials in their trucks as work is being conducted. They'll also need space to load shingles and drop torn-off debris. Keeping your vehicle(s) at a safe distance from the construction area until work is completed is a must. It is also a good idea to keep you garage doors shut during construction to keep out dust and debris.

Protect Sentimental Items ezgif.com resize 5 3
Remove precious items -like your favorite knick-knacks- from shelves and consider taking down any hanging items and pictures down from the walls. The vibrations from nail-guns, hammers and power tools don't commonly cause damage to the interior of the home, but some repairs, like dry rot remediation for example, require a little extra muscle, these vibrations can travel through the walls of your home. 

Relocate Outdoor Items ezgif.com resize 4
During the re-roofing process debris will be falling around the worksite, moving items such as: statues, bird-baths, potted plants, bbq grills and lawn furniture (tables, chairs etc.) away from the perimeter of your home helps protect your property and keeps the job moving fluidly.

Get out of the House ezgif.com resize 10 3
The loud noises of roof construction will be loud and disruptive for the duration of the project. If you have small children or simply enjoy not listening to banging for hours, consider running errands, seeing a movie or going somewhere you enjoy while the roofing contractors are working to avoid the noise. 

Pet Considerations ezgif.com resize 7
Keeping your pets in mind is another important part of your preparations. Most pets are protective of their home, seeing the comings and goings of strangers can be alarming and  stressful for them, add to that the loud noises of construction, and you could have one triggered pet. Noise disruption can cause anxiety and disturb sleep cycles, creating a state of frenzy for your furry companions. Finding a quiet setting for them, taking them out of the home during work hours or speaking to your vet about the best way to keep your pet comfortable will keep them relaxed and unaffected.

Cut the Grass & Prune the Trees ezgif.com resize 6 3
Pruning trees should be done before the crew begins work, as they will create an obstacle for the crew and cutting your grass will help the workers easily see a nail or other fallen debris from around the worksite during clean up. 

Protect Attic Items ezgif.com resize 8
Our experienced roofers work hard to minimize the dust and debris created during your roof’s installation, but there’s no getting around the fact that roofing is a messy job that will inevitably cause dust to fall into your attic. If you store heirlooms or valuable items there, consider moving them to a safer location in your home until the job is complete. If you store large, heavy furniture there, cover them with drop cloths or a tarp to protect them from dust and falling debris.

Give the Neighbors a Heads Up ezgif.com resize 11 3
Letting your immediate neighbors know when your roof replacement will begin is a courtesy they're sure to be grateful about. It will allow them to prepare for the noise and will alert them of possbible debris that could land in their yard. 

Working together with your roofing contractor, ensures you know they're aware of the details of the project along with your concerns. At C&J Roofing Co., Inc., we want your experience with us to be a fluid one, that leaves you with a superior roof, clean yard and unwavering peace of mind. For local roofing services that you can trust, contact the experts at C&J Roofing Co., Inc. today at: (650) 583-5998. Proudly serving residents throughout the Bay Area and Peninsula for over 35 years.