Inspecting your roof for signs of failure

Inspecting your roof for signs of failure

Many homeowners don't know their roofing system is failing until they see the obvious symptoms, such as a leak; However, there are some warning signs of failure that you can spot before the leaking starts...

External Visual Inspection
There are many aspects of a roofing system, if any of them begins to show signs of failure, then it's important to have a full inspection done to find out if the roof has reached the end of it's lifespan, or if repairs / general maintenance are necessary. Luckily there are some tell-tale signs you can see from the ground and inside your home, and with the help of a pair of binoculars, you can get an even better look at some of the most obvious areas that will show signs of the roofs condition. Signs of failure include: resize 37 3

> Missing, Cracked, Cupping, Balding or Curling Shingles/Tiles 

> Sagging

> Rusted, Damaged or Missing Flashing 

> Popped up Nail Heads

> Cracks or Deterioration of the Siding  

Internal Visual Inspection
From the inside of the home, make sure to look up while walking through. Do you see any discoloration on the ceiling? Take a look at the attic, does the insulation look nice and dry, or does it look flattened, showing signs of water damage? Do you smell any must or mildew? This could be an indicator that the roof is or has been leaking and it's time to call in a professional immediately.

Your home is a huge investment and by simply being conscientious and taking preventative measures, you can help save yourself a huge headache and a whole lot of time and money. If you've noticed any of the above signs, why not call C&J Roofing Co., Inc. for a ROOF INSPECTION today! We'll use our 35+ years of roofing experience to find the answer to your roofs problems and get you back in water-tight condition before the next storm season arrives!