Roof Revitalization: Silicone Coatings

Roof Revitalization: Silicone Coatings

Silicone roof coating systems are becoming more and more common in the roofing community for both Residential and Commercial roofs. They are an exceptional way to extend the life of low slope or flat roofing systems showing signs of failure. 

There are a number of things you can do to extend the life of a roof, like yearly general maintenance repairs and regular inspections, but one option can extend the life of your roof exponentially, and that would be coating it. Silicone roof coating helps fill in cracks, blisters and seams, and while it doesn't improve the underlayment or insulation, this restorative option can extend the life of an aging roof for 10+ years.

Benefits of Roof Coating
This restoration option has several benefits, the first being that there are different colors of these coatings. The white coating seems to be the most popularm as it is reflective, offering the consumer optimal UV resistance. Reflecting UV rays stabilizes the resize 47temperature of the property, putting them in the ‘Cool Roof’ category, which is desirable in this age of green energy efficiency. Another benefit is that silicone coatings create a strong water-resistant barrier that can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions in just one single application, and are known to become stronger in response to moisture. When applied properly, silicone roof coating can save your building from the detriment of leaks, help reduce stress on HVAC systems, improve your roofs overall aesthetics and best of all, save you money.

Convenience and Ease
Silicone products are incredibly convenient due to the fact that they can be used on almost any existing flat roof surface, such as smooth Built-Up Roofing, metal (including sloped metal roofs), concrete, granulated cap sheet, resize 51spray-on foam, basically any aging low slope roofing membranes. These coatings can be applied by spraying or rolling it on just one day after a thorough pressure washing and can be completed in one day. It's ease of application really makes silicone roof coatings shine. 

The knowledgeable crew here at C & J Roofing Co., Inc. are experts at applying roof coatings and can help extend the life of your failing flat roof. If you would like a FREE ESTIMATE for the cost of roof coating, or an inspection to determine if your roof is a candidate for coating, give the office a call at (650) 583-5998 or request a quote above and we'll get you on the road to a revitalized, water-tight roof.