Skylight Considerations

Skylight Considerations

Skylights add a little something extra to any home, creating a more open, inviting space. When they’re done right, they can increase your sellers rate or simply enhance your interior living space. 

When installed carelessly, a skylight can become the bane of your home, creating damage to roof and the interior, resulting in sky-high repair bills, which is why we have a few tips to ensure you’re left in love with your skylight, reaping their benefits. 

#1- Hire a reputable Professional 
When it comes down to it, the security of your skylight is dependent on the installation of it. Hiring a knowledgable professional roofer or contractor will ensure the quality of the resize 43 5work being done isn’t going to result in disaster. In turn you can be assured the skylight won’t become a beast of burden when rain arrives. 

#2- Quality First
Second to the importance of expert installation, is the quality of the skylight itself. A quality skylight from a reputable manufacturer creates a second level of verification that the skylight won’t be faulty or poorly produced. resize 41 4Add to that the quality of the waterproofing materials used during installation, and you’ve got some peace of mind in the security of the skylight and it’s waterproofing.

#3- Talk About Placement
Where you install and the angle of a skylight makes a huge impact on how much heat and light can be expected from them. If you’re looking to warm your home up and bring consistent light in, a north facing skylight would be suggested, if you’re looking to save energy a south facing skylight would be more beneficial. resize 42 3Depending on your homes location, a reputable installer would be able to make suggestions to make sure you get the most out of your skylights. 

#4- DIYers Beware
Skylight installation is no easy feat, and should only be handled by a professional, or by someone with experience in roof safety and installation. Roof falls result in serious injury and death and should not be taken lightly. A professional roofer or contractor will have the proper safety equipment needed to ensure installation goes off without a hitch, or hospital bills. 

Here at C & J Roofing Co., Inc. we know skylights. For 35 years we have performed custom skylight installations and know the ins and outs like the back of our hands. We use top tier materials and can answer all your questions with ease. If you’re looking to update your existing skylight, then give us a call at (650) 583-5998 or request a quote above and one of our skylight specialists will make an appointment to visit your home and get you on your way to skylight bliss. 

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