Rooftop Decks

Rooftop Decks

Here in the Bay Area, flat roofs can be seen all over the city. Some are used as rooftop decks, allowing the homeowner to utilize their roof as an additional living space to enjoy the beautiful city views.

Room with a view
Rooftop decks are beautiful, social spaces, that will make you the envy of the neighborhood on beautiful days. They are often adorned with luscious planters, cooling awnings, resize 55relaxing sun chairs, multi-use kitchen or bbq areas and some even have pools or hot tubs. These roofs work overtime keeping the home protected from water intrusion while creating an amazing area for family and friends to enjoy. As such, their subjection to extra wear-and-tear requires the homeowner to be cognizant of the foundation the deck is sitting on. Although roof decks are easier to maintain than, say, a swimming pool, they still require maintenance and attention throughout the year to keep them in good condition.

Yearly Inspections
Yearly inspections by a professional roofing contractor are always recommended to aide in finding issues early, resize 57 2being proactive is less costly than being reactive. Once or even twice a year, it is suggested you have an inspection performed & any repairs addressed to ensure the integrity of the underlayment. Once the inspection and general maintenance are completed, there are a few ways things you can do to keep it in good stead.

Keep it clean

The easiest way to clean beneath your decking surface is to use a leaf-blower or air compressor. By opening the resize 56decking surface (using a hatch or by removing the boards) you can blow out any debris trapped underneath. Blow this debris outwards towards the gutters of the home. Depending on the surface used, power washing can be performed to aide in the removal of debris. If you're unsure of your roofing type, or the best method of debris removal, contact a local roofing inspector. They will be able to provide you with information of your roofing system and the best tips & tricks for keeping your roof clean and debris free. Along with cleaning the surface, make sure to keep your gutter system or scuppers (depending on how your roof was designed) clean and clear of debris. If they become clogged, it can cause water top back up onto the deck creating dreaded ponding which will most assuredly cause leaking. This will also be helpful when removing debris from the deck, keeping your draining system clean will aide in the cleaning process and keep rain moving fluidly away from the roof

The hours of enjoyment you're sure to receive from your rooftop deck are worth every dime invested, but how long this investment lasts depends upon the attention and effort you put into it. Remember, spending the time and money for yearly inspections and multi-yearly cleanings will prevent headaches later, the ultimate goal is making sure this asset lasts as long as possible, and serves you well. The joyful possibilities of an afternoon or warm summer night are limited only by your imagination, so get up on the roof and enjoy!