The Importance of Roof Flashings

The Importance of Roof Flashings

Flashing is a critical component of a strong roofing system, without it a roof isn’t complete. If a leak has appeared in your home, the roofer is sure to check the flashings first. 

What is Flashing?
Flashing is essentially a protective seal that blocks water infiltration at any area two parts of the roof meet (projections and intersections) resize 46 3
Other important areas include:
Protrusions (chimneys, skylights, vents, dormers)
& penetrations (edges, gaps, valleys, grooves)

What is Flashing Made of?
Flashing is typically made of some sort of sturdy material that can wick water away with ease. 
Common materials include:aluminum, galvanized steel, copper & PVC

Dangers of Flashing Failure
When flashing becomes rusted, bent or damaged, it loses it’s ability to protect your home from the elements, creating a multitude of issues within. Common issues that arise from flashing failure include leaks & material deterioration. Water damage is dangerous to the overall health of your home and its foundation, left neglected, you’re facing expensive remediation costs. Another tricky part of fixing a leak is finding it. It can be particularly resize 47 3difficult to pinpoint the exact area of the infiltration, as leaks can travel far from their entry point and show up at a totally different area of the home. 

How Does Flashing Incur Damage?
When you consider the material used to make flashings, damaging them shouldn’t be easy, but there are some common ways flashing becomes damaged. Roof inspections have turned up obvious signs of poor workmanship, human error and critters trying to find shelter, but exposure to the elements alone is brutal on your roofing system. Severe heat in Summer and the brutal frigidity of Winter can cause flashings to crack, rust and warp. Torrential wind storms and hurricanes can completely blow the flashing off of the roof, usually taking other roofing materials with it. resize 51 3

How Do I Know if My Flashings are Failing?
We find that preventative maintenance is the best way to alleviate the headache of reactive maintenance all together, but the first obvious sign of flashing failure is usually moisture and discoloration on the ceiling of your home. Sometimes this leak has been happening for a while before it appears, which is why it’s crucial to address the issue immediately.

Having an annual proper roof inspection performed by a professional roofing contractor, like C & J Roofing Co., Inc.; is the best way to determine the condition of your roof and it’s components. With yearly roof inspections, general small repairs can be made and larger issues can be avoided. Give us a call @ (650) 583-5998 or request a quote above today to schedule your annual roof inspection before storm season arrives!