Trees and Your Roof: The Dangers of Neglect

Trees and Your Roof: The Dangers of Neglect

From leaves & twigs clogging gutters, to large branches (or the entire tree) falling onto your home, improperly maintained trees can create a real mess for your roof.

Landscaping the front and back yard(s) of your home adds curb appeal to the front and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the back. Many homebuyers look for homes with big beautiful trees to provide support for a swing the kids can play on, or to create a relaxing, comfortable environment to entertain guests on during hot summer days. The image is picture perfect and the reasons for wanting lovely trees surrounding your home are endless, but trees can create serious issues if they aren't properly maintained.

How to Properly Maintain your trees
Many homeowners wait until their spring to do general yard maintenance, but getting a head start in Fall can make your Spring clean up much easier. A few key steps to take resize 67when winterizing your trees include: Pruning branches, inspecting for disease or evidence of dying limbs and properly watering / feeding your trees with mulch. Healthy, well maintained trees generally don’t show signs of breakdown or house termites, so be sure to look for the above warning signs and act quickly if you do.

Fallen trees are the worst case scenario of neglecting sick or dying trees. While most trees need very little human intervention to maintain long healthy lifespans, if a tree on your resize 66 2property is showing signs of disease, take the necessary steps to tend to the problem immediately. While not a common occurrence, fallen trees are not worth the risk they pose. A tree falling into your home could injure somebody you love and at minimum will cost a hefty fee to correct. 

Gutter & Downspout impairment
Trees located close to the perimeter of a home can wreak havoc without totally toppling over. Leaves & twigs resize 65 3naturally shed from the tree can clog your drainage system, making them defunct in their ability to whisk water away from your roof. This can lead to roof leaks and expensive repairs. Cleaning out gutters and downspouts should be part of your winterization checklist to ensure they're functioning properly and protecting your home.

Algae, Moss & Mold
Your beautiful roof covers 40% of a passerby or buyers visual make up when looking at your home from the street. Algae, Moss and Mold can distract from the beauty of your roof and ultimately ruin its effectiveness. Low resize 68 2hanging branches creates continuous shade on your home, without sunlight water cannot properly evaporate from your roof creating a perfect environment for these unsightly issues to thrive. Once they arrive, they grow rapidly, spreading across the roof like a black and green sheet. If not cleaned off, they can cause your roof to deteriorate prematurely, so act quickly and call in a professional roof cleaner to safely remove the growth.

Roofing Material Damage
Large branches are another fall danger trees pose. The weight of tree branches doesn't seem like an imposing threat, but shingles and other roofing materials can be damaged resize 69 2easily. Trimming trees back so there are no long branches hanging over is the best way to avoid damage to your roof.

When preparing for Winter, be sure to add tree maintenance to the list. You'll be glad you did then the frigid winds and rains of winter start blowing. If your roof incurs any tree damage this storm season, be sure to give C&J Roofing Co., Inc. a call ASAP! You can reach our office @ (650) 583-5998 or make a request above.