Yearly Roof Inspections: Roof TLC

Yearly Roof Inspections: Roof TLC

Changing seasons bring with them their own weather patterns. Winter is frigid, Summer is sweltering and in-between are the inclement seasons of Spring and Fall. Your roof is responsible for protecting you from whatever the seasons may bring and a yearly roof inspection can ensure your continued protection. 

Yearly roof inspections can spare you more than just one headache. Without regular maintenance, a neglected roof system will eventually break down and subsequently fail, leaving your home vulnerable to outside threats. If that should happen, you're not just in for a hefty price tag on the repairs, depending on the severity of the damage or infiltration, you could be looking at more than just the cost of a new roofing system. A failing roof can become home to all kinds of dangers with high remediation costs, like: resize 18 

Mold & Mildew  

Insect Infestation 

Rodent Infestation & 

Dry Rot 

Mold and Mildew are incredibly dangerous when inhaled and very difficult to eliminate. Both affect the air quality of the home and your family's overall health. The same can be   said for Insect and Rodent infestations and dry rot leads us to the worst case collapse.All of these issues can accelerate the deterioration of the roofs structural integrity. This is comparable to a domino effect, eventually leading to the break down of the homes structure, creating a very precarious situation for everything you love within it. 

Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor like C & J Roofing Co., Inc. to inspect your roof annually for damaged or resize 12 3 weakened areas and repair them is more cost effective than for paying out of pocket for sky-high emergency repairs during storms, ultimately saving you money. After 35 years of serving the Bay Area and Peninsula, we can attest that when it comes to your roof, it's better in the long run to be proactive than reactive. If it's time for your yearly roof inspection, give us a call at (650) 583-5998 or request a quote above today! Our 24-7 live answer phone service is ready to take your call any time of the day!